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Sass glasses

I’m a Sass core team member as an open-source designer, where I lead the brand, website design, front-end UI development, and content direction.


Sass is a mature, stable, and powerful professional-grade CSS extension language. Sass is completely compatible with all versions of CSS. You can use it with any available CSS libraries.

Sass website
Sass website

The Story

Sass Color Guide
Sass Color Guide

I am a fan of using Sass to process my CSS. I was first introduced to it during my time working at Engine Yard. One day, one of the core team members tweeted his frustration with the design of the project. He suggested that it might be why designers were using a competitor instead.

While Sass was first to market, Less had become more popular with designers. Sass’s website and brand was not inspiring designers to use it. Also, the original brand was also controversial (sexist).

So I volunteered to lead the redesign of the brand and website.

Sass style tile
Sass style tile


The brand has not only been embraced by the community, but many companies, tools, and resources have adopted the language. The most popular CSS framework (Bootstrap) abandoned Less in favor of Sass. The United States Web Design System uses it. Hillary Clinton even wore a replica of the glasses I drew to hire developers.

Sassy Hillary
Sassy Hillary


  • Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Design Systems
  • Event Planning
  • Frontend Development
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design


  • Identity Guidelines
  • Style Guide
  • Website

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Other creative credits

  • The Core Team & Team Sass Design
  • Contributors from the Sass community
  • Attendees at Sass Conf