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Beehive Design System

Beehive Design System icons

Design systems and operations for Amazon Honeycode, a new No-code app builder product from Amazon (named “Beehive” before the public launch).


You need to manage your tasks, your projects, and your team. Now, you can build an app to achieve your goals with Amazon Honeycode—no programming required.

Beehive Design System website
Beehive Design System website

The Story

Beehive app
Beehive app

I was recruited by fellow former Salesforce employees who worked with me to join them at Amazon. They wanted me to recreate the success of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. In a contract-turned-full-time engagement, I worked closely with product designers by providing design direction for visuals and interactions. I also worked with engineers to ensure their CSS was to specifications as well as guidance on accessibility.

My role also included some design operations as well, including provisioning access to the design tools used on the team, project management, and providing education and workshops opportunities.

During my time there, I built a React-based style guide with components and documentation for both the design and engineering organizations to use.



  • Creative Direction
  • Design Systems
  • Frontend Development
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design


  • CSS Framework
  • Icons
  • Style Guide
  • UI Kit (sticker sheet)

Other creative credits

  • Rebecca Buck (initial design manager)
  • Scott Perket (initial branding and design language)
  • Christian Gin (assisted with design specifications and Sketch UI Kit)
  • The rest of the design team for all the product design work which informed the design system
  • Patrick Woo (provided lots of feedback and guidance for the React style guide I was building)
  • James Khatiblou (helped set up the initial framework for the style guide)